Why He Stopped Texting – Is It Something You Did?

Why He Stopped Texting

Could the reason why he stopped texting be something you did or maybe something you didn’t do? Texting is the top means of communication in the dating world now. Knowing how the difference in building attraction through your texts or killing it is pretty important. The reason guys stop texting is often because somewhere along the line, he lost attraction or interest. It’s usually that or he met someone else.

So what could you have possibly done that was so bad that he stopped texting? Believe it or not, your texting habits and what you text can send some pretty clear signals to a guy about you. If you have been sending out the wrong signals, very well because you don’t know any better, yet, that is, you could be killing the attraction that he originally felt for you. Below are some common reasons as to why he stopped texting.

1. You initiated the texts most of the time. I think this is one of the most common things as to why he stopped texting. When you initiate, you are doing his job for him. It sends a clear signal that you are investing more into this than he is and guys do like a bit of a challenge. If you are doing all the initiating or most of it, you take away his challenge and his fun. Men are competitive by nature.

2. You ask too many questions. Questions like when will you see him again, or maybe even questions like does he like you or is in interested. Keep the questions to a minimum. Texting should be fun and flirty if you want to spark his interest. Too many questions is pushy and if you haven’t been seeing him or talking to him very long, he may feel you are desperate. It’s just not fun to answer a bunch of questions.

3. You shared too much to soon. This is a common mistake many make. I understand that it’s easy to get into those all day text-a thons, but seriously, they do very little to increase his interest. Leave something to his imagination. Leave him wanting more. If you share too much too soon, you take away the power of being mysterious. After a few texts, end the conversation gracefully.

These are a few of the possibilities of why he stopped texting. Texting is a great tool to build up some huge attraction and cultivate romance if you know how to do it. You can literally bait and hook a guy with texting if you do it right. I have become a master at it and you can too. You can learn the secrets to texting here and never have to wonder why he stopped texting again.

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5 Responses to “Why He Stopped Texting – Is It Something You Did?”

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  2. mica says:

    im been dating this guy in the army , he started telling me he loves me which was kinda strange , but i havent heard from him all day , and he usually texts me first all the time , should i worry or no? cause i really like him

  3. Sha says:

    So I’ve been seeing this guy for a month, we meet up every weekend for dinner or movies or smtg. A total gentleman but he just abruptly stopped talking to me for no apparent reason. And he is a busy person, he has a demanding job but it’s been a week since he texted me and I texted him, he replied, I replied and that was it. No texts nothing, but he likes my Instagram pictures (?) help

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