How To Text a Guy You Like and Keep Him Excited About You!

I have a little blog called Should I text him on this topic and I still get so many questions on how to text a guy you like, what to text a guy, when to text a guy and so forth and so on. It’s obvious to me that more ladies need more education on texting guys. So read on for more information about how to text a guy.

First off let’s get this part straight. It’s really the guy who should be worrying about this texting issue to start with. I know many of you worry that he won’t think you are interested if you don’t text him, but that really isn’t true. When you find yourself doing most of the initiating of the texts or looking for reasons to text, you really are doing his work for him. This rarely works and despite what you think, it does not make him like you more.

Often we women want to make something happen or push a relationship forward. Texting has become the main means of communication in dating. It only makes sense that we can use this tool to our benefit, however we often unknowingly sabotage things buy not knowing how to text a guy to heighten his interest. We over function and kill the attraction instead.

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When we really like the guy and are hoping for that happy ending, it’s very tempting to push it along and send texts to feel like we are working towards the outcome we desire. The thing is if he really likes you, he will be doing this and you shouldn’t have to. If he is really into you, he will be thinking of reasons to text you and your job is to just be light and breezy and happy to hear from him. Nothing more. If he isn’t texting you, well perhaps there is your answer.

I am not saying you can’t spark an interest in a guy with a few well thought out and timed texts. Michael Fiore has written and entire book on this subject and has really put into words how to push a man’s buttons the right way in his best seller book, Text the Romance.

Most women are better at giving than receiving, hence they often over text guys. Guys are more in their natural leadership role if they do the giving, not the receiving. In other words it makes them happy to give to you. Guys like it when we as women can graciously receive and this applies to texting as well as other aspects of the relationship.

Text Messages to Build His Attraction to you here.

So my two cents on how to text a guy is mainly just respond to his texts. If you over do it, he will feel your desperation and this can and will push him away. He will also feel you trying to control the outcome and very few men respond to control. Think about the guy that you once possibly gave you number to and he drove you crazy texting you things that just really weren’t necessary. It didn’t feel good did it.

You do not want to share too much in a text and your texts should be just a line or two. Leave something to his imagination. Save that for face time. If you are looking for an excuse to text him because he hasn’t text you, don’t do it. It’s so transparent. A little flirty banter is good in a text message, but don’t take it too far and always be evasive about it leaving most of it to his imagination.

Remember also men fall in love often in your absense and when they are thinking about you or missing you. If you are bombarding him with texts, he has no time to miss you nor does he really have time to imagine and think about you if you are always reminding him with your texts that you are there ready and available.

Michael talks a lot about creating mystery and romance with just a simple text message. I can’t possibly sum it all up here, but if you would like to know more about igniting even the most unromantic man via effective texting techniques, you can watch his video here> Text the Romance. Then you will never have to worry about how to text a guy you like or what to text a guy again.

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