He Said He Would Call and Didn’t

It baffles us how a guy said he would call and didn’t. We wonder why did he say that if he didn’t mean it. It happens. We can sit and turn it over and over in our heads and never make sense of it. It’s pointless. Fact of the matter is this though. It happens all the time. I imagine right now there are hundreds of thousand of women wondering this exact same thing, why he didn’t call. So what can you do?

Nothing that’s what. We can’t force a guy to like us, let alone call us. What we can do though is change our mindset about this little flaw a lot of guys seem to have. In the early dating stage, expect nothing, don’t look ahead and start imaging the two of you as a couple. Approach each guy as a potential new friend. Light and breezy and fun. No pressure. If he puts in effort to call you and see you, great. If he said he was going to call and doesn’t, well there is one word for it. Next. Same applies to the man who just stops calling.

One way to avoid the disappointment of these vanishing men is to circular date. To circular date, you simple date different guys and when you find one that puts forth the effort, then you can decide whether to select him or not. If you are dating more than one guy, all of your eggs are not in one basket. Less room for disappointment. Never invest more into a guy than he is investing in you. If he isn’t calling, he isn’t investing. Return the favor and move on to one who will call when he says he will. If he said he would call and didn’t, he has already started to show you who he is. Believe him.

So many women make the mistake of thinking a few dates are a relationship. They start acting like a girlfriend. Don’t fall into this trap, it isn’t safe. If and when he starts acting like a boyfriend, then you can relax, not a minute before though. If he stopped calling¬†or said he would call and didn’t, don’t sweat it, next him.

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